Reiki & Crystal Healing

Time for healing

Reiki is the transmitting of universal life energy, to decrease stress, relax and promote self-healing.

Sounds lovely, right?

Let's add Crystal healing energy and sound bowls to that and take the healing to the next level!

What Can I Expect?

In-Person - Currently close for in-person sessions.

Online - You get the same outcome as an in-person session, but have the pleasure of being in the comfort of your own home.  If you have essential oils, you can use them during the session.  I can offer suggestions if you'd like.

Reiki and Crystal healing energies will be sent via Distance Reiki.  There is no delay and it will receive instantaneously (Quantum science is cool).  A crystal grid may be set up ahead of time to enhance the healing energies sent.  I will show you the setup before we begin so you can clearly see what I am working with.

We will work with all the Chakras and the flow of energy throughout the entire body.

If you have crystals at home, we can talk about what you might want to use during the session as well.


You have an open mind

You are ready to receive Reiki energy

You believe the body can heal itself

You want energy free flowing in your body

You love the healing properties of crystals


You don't believe in Universal Energy

You aren't ready for massive change in your life

You aren't ready to let go of that which doesn't serve you

You think crystals are just rocks and that's it


I had the most amazing experience yesterday with Trina Krug! We had a beautiful Crystal Reiki session. It was absolutely amazing and I will be booking again. So I don't spoil the experience, I just want to say that I feel so aligned today. I have energy that is flowing through my body and all my Chakras feel so open today. The energy that I felt in various areas of my body during Reiki was mind blowing to me. Thank you Trina for your amazing gifts you shared with me.

My Crystal Reiki session with Trina was one of the most powerful energy healing experiences I’ve had. Ever since, I have felt very grounded and positive. She did a beautiful job of explaining her work at the end and even though the session was via distance, the work was palpable. Thank you Trina, for sharing your gifts!

After our session, my business made over $1K jump yesterday! Ahhhh I needed that realignment! Grateful for you!!!!

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