Why Include Herbal Remedies in Your Health Regimen

More people are choosing to use herbal remedies as a means of getting healthy, and rightfully so. Plants and plant parts have long been used as a form of medicinal and therapeutic resources to help bring body systems into alignment. If you’re wondering why you should include herbal remedies, keep reading for my top 5 reasons.

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Why Include Herbal Remedies in Your Health Regimen

Herbals remedies are a natural, holistic form of medicine

Treatments, medicines, and remedies can’t get much more natural than using plants that organically grow in the world. When used properly, they have the potential to balance your three main systems – physical, mental, and emotional.

While modern medicine typically targets one issue, herbal remedies can target the whole you.

Herbal remedies promote disease prevention

There is a big difference between being treated and being cured. Herbal remedies harness the power to bring your body into balance and harmony and do not simply treat the symptom.

When taken in their most natural state (not tampered with or manufactured), they complement the body and are absorbed – showing little to no side effects in many cases.

Herbal remedies are the oldest form of medicine

Way before manufactured drugs and pharmaceuticals, there were herbal remedies. They have always been used in a variety of forms – teas, tinctures, tonics, and the like – by many people groups. When the history of a remedy can be traced back to the oldest form of its kind, that’s something worth looking into.

Although it’s not talked about as much, there actually thousands of studies that support the efficacy of using herbal remedies. 

Herbal remedies are often safer than pharmaceutical drugs

Have you listened to the side effect list of the most recent drugs out on the market? It seems as though the list gets longer and one of the side effects is almost always death. The risks people are taking with modern medicine is a pretty high one, whereas with herbal remedies, the gamble greatly decreases. Let me preface that with this: there is a time and a place for modern medicine. We wouldn’t be where we are without it. BUT it isn’t always the first line of defense. The key is to use herbal remedies is RESEARCH, correct timing and using them in their correct form.

Herbal remedies are more affordable than most other medicinal options

While most insurances may not cover visits to a naturopathic doctor, let alone their prescription for herbal-related medicines, it is usually affordable to go this route and pay out of pocket.

Not only can most herbal remedies be naturally foraged (only do this if you’re experienced), but you can also seek the help or services of an herbalist. The cost of a tincture, tea, salve, or encapsulated herb won’t cost you near as much as something over the counter or prescribed in many cases. 

Starting Your Herbal Remedy Journey

There are valuable things to keep in mind if you are considering choosing herbal remedies as a form of reaching optimal health and wellness in a natural way.

Here are a few herbal remedy tips to remember:

  • Herbal remedies and medicines work. But as with anything – not everything works for everyone. Sometimes you may have to try several different kinds until you find the right one for the ailment.
  • Herbs should not be used the same way as modern day drugs. Drugs are meant to treat symptoms more than the actual issue; however, herbs work from the inside out (as a holistic approach).
  • It is necessary to make sure you are using the correct plant and plant parts in order to reach your desired result.
  • If you are taking any pharmaceutical drugs, ALWAYS inform your doctor of your choice to use (or begin using) herbal remedies.

These are just a few tips and suggestions to help you understand why you may want to investigate choosing herbal remedies for certain things. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it!

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