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The Mind Body Design Podcast

Have you wondered about the body’s ability to universally restore itself to health? Join Trina Krug on a fast-paced journey through topics such as Ayurveda, Reiki, Yoga, Energy Healing, Chakras, Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy and more!

Each episode will be a fresh new look at all the ways to heal and connect through the mind/body connection inspired by ancient tools and medicine as well as the latest breakthroughs in areas such as quantum mechanics.

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Direct links to Episodes below!

Episode 6Grounding and Healing (iTunes, Stitcher)

Episode 5Aromatherapy Basics (iTunes, Stitcher)

Episode 4Manifestation and the Quantum Field (iTunes, Stitcher)

Episode 3Healing with Color (iTunes, Stitcher)

Episode 2 – Basics of Ayurveda (iTunes, Stitcher)

Episode 1 – Thoughts Become Things (iTunes, Stitcher)

Episode 0 What is The Mind Body Design Podcast? (iTunes, Stitcher)

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