Time for healing

Reiki is the transmitting of universal life energy, to decrease stress, relax and promote self-healing.

Sounds lovely, right?

What Can I Expect?

In-Person - We will set the room with the therapeutic aroma of your choosing with over 30 essential oils to choose from.  You will then lay under a pile of comfortable blankets and let your mind and body just relax.

Throughout the course of the session, we will work on making sure the energies in your meridians are flowing in the right direction, your chakras will be energetically massaged, and your body will be infused with beautiful Universal Reiki Healing Energy.

My hands will mostly be above your body with an occasional light touch. You may feel heat, coolness, tingling or other sensations when my hands are above your body.  You may feel nothing at all.  All totally normal!

And all you have to do is lay there, relax, listen to music, breathe in the lovely aromas and let your body receive all the healing energies.

Online - You get the same outcome but have the pleasure of being in the comfort of your own home.  If you have essential oils, you can use them during the session.  I can offer suggestions if you'd like.

Reiki and Crystal healing energies will be sent via Distance Reiki.  There is no delay and it will receive instantaneously (Quantum science is cool).  A crystal grid may be set up ahead of time to enhance the healing energies sent.

If you are a crystal geek like I am and have options available, we can chat about which ones would be good to have around for the session.


You have an open mind

You are ready to receive Reiki energy

You believe the body can heal itself

You want energy free flowing in your body


You don't believe in Universal Energy

You aren't ready for massive change in your life

You aren't ready to let go of that which doesn't serve you

You are content with stuck energy in your body


Trina’s Reiki is a real thing. Through closed eyes, I saw different colors and could feel heat on very specific spots of my body. During the session, I wasn’t able to hear or see where she was, but I felt energy flowing through different parts of my body. Afterwards I learned that she was focusing on those very parts! The session was emotional, blissful and freeing. She is a true master of the art of energy work. She will help you in ways you didn’t know you needed!

Trina has truly found her gift in Reiki healing energy.  She trusts her intuition and is guided beautifully to help remove energetic blocks and easily gets in her "zone".  You will leave her table feeling renewed, refreshed, and restored.  Go see her.  Your soul will thank you!


Stay in the comfort of your own home and receive all the reiki energy and healing that you would for an in-person visit.


Come to the wellness center and relax in my Reiki studio with soft music and under some cozy blankets.

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