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The Quantum Field, Intention, and Manifestation

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Have you ever wondered just how Manifestation and the Quantum Field are related? I hope this topic will ignite that manifestation fire deep within you! 

Let’s start with some background on what manifestation is and what the Quantum Field is.  Even a bit about our reality. 

Our reality

We create our reality around us.  I know not everyone wants to hear that, but we do.  We are creators.  We are manifestos.  The reality/world we are living in was, in part, created by us. 

We don’t create the reality of others, but there is intersection and overlap – with our acceptance and approval, of course.  Either subconsciously or consciously.  There is often a lot of pushback from certain people who don’t want to accept that they are the main driver of their realities.  If that is you, let me reframe it for you.

If you are the creator of your reality, then YOU have the power to create a new one.  Let that information empower you not blame you. 

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Manifestation is bringing that which you desire into the physical world.  That is the typical definition anyway.  Now, most people think of “desire” as always a positive thing but there are some things that the universe thinks we desire because our focus and energy are fully enveloped into it and that is what you manifest.  But what is manifested is a lack of money, for example. 

So manifestation does not just include all the beautiful and wonderful things in this world.  It means EVERYTHING.  You know the saying “Energy flows where attention goes”.  This holds true with manifestation.

The Universe supports us fully and without judgment.  This is something to really think about because what this means is that if your focus is “I don’t have money”, “I am broke”, “I can’t afford that”.  The universe, in all its love and support says “And so it is”.  Remember, it is universal love and support without judgment.  It doesn’t determine whether your thoughts and desires are good or bad for you.   They just are.

The foundation for manifestation is our thoughts, desires and practices, which we’ll get more into in a moment.

Manifestation and the Quantum Field

Quantum Field

So now let’s talk about the quantum field and then we’ll tie it all together! 

According to Lynne McTaggart (author of The Field and many other amazing books)

At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge.  Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world.  This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence.

There is no ‘me’ and ‘not-me’ duality to our bodies in relation to the universe, but one underlying energy field.  This field is responsible for our mind’s highest functions, the information source guiding the growth of our bodies.  It is our brain, our heart, our memory – indeed, a blueprint of the world for all time.  The field is the force, rather than germs or genes, that finally determines whether we are healthy or ill, the force which must be tapped into to heal.  We are attached and engaged, indivisible from our world, and our only fundamental truth is our relationship with it.  “The field” as Einstein succinctly put it, “is the only reality”.

Lynne McTaggart, The Field

Let that sink in for a moment.  The quantum field is everything. 

There is this notion of entanglement which basically demonstrates that particles with vast distances in between (miles, lightyears, whatever) will react instantaneously when only one of the particles is observed or affected. 

This concept was originally difficult for me to understand until I heard it described with a beach metaphor.  Imagine two sticks that are stuck in the sand a great distance apart on the beach.  And then they both fall over at the exact same time.  Now if you look closer at what happened, you will see that a wave came in and knocked them both over at the same time.  You can think of the wave as the quantum field.  The connection between everything.  That which can affect all things at once.

So this is a rudimentary visualization of how everything is connected through the quantum field.  This should bring you a little closer to the realization of how everything is at our fingertips.

double slit

Double Slit Experiment

Everything that exists is energy.  Quantum physics says this energy can either be a particle or a wave. 

Now, let me explain the double slit experiment and it will beautifully tie in all these topics. 

Imagine a piece of paper with two slits in it.  And you hold that paper in front of a wall and then individual particles of light (or photons) are sent to the paper.  It isn’t actually paper, but I’m simplifying here.

What would you expect?  One might think that each photon goes through one slit or the other and then pile up behind each slit.  Right?  Wrong.  That is not what happens. What happens is that the photons go to different parts of the wall making light and dark bands.  It is described as what happens when two waves overlap. But since only a single photon is being sent through at a time, it is as if the photon goes through BOTH slits a the same time and are then interfering with itself.

So where will the photon land?  Nobody knows.  There is no way to preemptively determine the course of the photon. However, if recording equipment is set up to determine exactly which path the photon took, the interference path disappears. 

So what does that say?  It says reality doesn’t exist until observed.  

Mind. Blown. If we all need to pause for a moment to let that sink, I’m cool with that. 

Ok, ready to move on?

Manifestation and the Quantum Field

Given the fact that quantum mechanics suggests that reality isn’t real until observed.  Well, you just received a golden nugget of information when it comes to manifestation.

Remember, nothing is solid.  We are ALL energy.  Us.  The table.  The dog.  The clouds.  The chair.  The trees.  The color red.  Everything is energy.

And remember the double slit experiment where the photon was both particle and wave and didn’t become “real” until observed. 

Also remember that manifestation is deep thought, feeling, focus on that which you desire. 

Wrap that all up in a pretty bow and what do you get?  The ability to manifest your physical reality by what you put your attention to and observe in your mind and through your actions.

Your thoughts are energy.  If you go back to the article on Thoughts Become Things where we talk about how Thoughts become things, we focused on the patterns of thought and behavior.  And in this article we are bringing in the quantum side to support the fact that thoughts become things.

Folks – I’m a total woowoo geek but I am an Engineer by trade and have a very scientific mind.  So I’ve now given you two paths to manifestation and changing your life that have nothing to do with woowoo topics and both are backed by science. 

So, let’s put this into practice.  If everything is energy.  And the quantum field is everything.  And everything and all possible things are happening at once in the quantum field, this means that anything is possible.  So you then put your focus, your attention, your BELIEF and observe in your mind that which you desire, you can then bring that into existence because it already exists in the quantum field.  The reality where this “thing” that you desire exists is out there somewhere.  It isn’t until you observe it in your mind, with your heart, with all your senses, that you can bring that reality into physical manifestation.

Realities and Memory

I was watching this show the other day and they were talking about how we can manifest the reality we want, but given that we have memory of the previous reality, our memories and attention to the past can pull us back into a prior, less desirable, reality. 

What this means is that not only does your full attention and belief needs to be on your desire but once you get what you want, you have to continue to believe it is there and not look backwards.  Don’t let yourself get sucked back into that place you once were.

How to Manifest Your Desired Reality

You put your energy, attention, focus, thoughts, dreams, imagination and beliefs towards your desire.  And observe it and bring it into existence.  You believe it is here.  You see it. Then you touch it.  You taste it.  You live it.  All of these things you do because you know this reality exists.  And the more you do these things the more the universe is matching your vibration and your reality will soon become the one which you desire.  It is fluid and it is beautiful.  You can’t have a time frame or an attachment to the desired outcome.

Believe it to be true and so it is.

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