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Keto Success club?

with Trina Krug

are you ready to take your keto lifestyle to the next level? I got ya!!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You are tired of yo-yo dieting and failing at “internet keto”.  You are ready to find an eating lifestyle that works!

You realize that YOU ARE WORTH IT!  You are ready to put your health first.

You don’t want to pay a lot of money to get help and support.

What if you could...


The keto success club Membership

This membership came about after seeing SO many people sick, overweight and desperate for answers.  Internet keto has taken over and it has become something that is not sustainable.  Keto is misunderstood, not implemented properly and has become saturated with processed products and pills.  


The amount of misinformation out there is staggering.  I decided that I needed to create a safe place with up to date information AND COACHING to assist people in creating the keto life that they deserve.  A life that is not riddled with sickness, brain fog, extra weight and feelings of despair and sadness. 

AND something that is next to nothing in price and affordable for EVERYONE.

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Here's what you'll get

What is your health worth?

Living your best life is priceless.  Are you ready to get started?

Health is not just fitting into your favorite jeans or party dress (although that is really nice).  Health is FEELING good.  Health is being happy.  Health is having energy.  Health is a total body, mind and spirit experience.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

“I love your program.  I’ve definitely not been perfect, but each day when I see your email it makes me stop and think about what I’m doing and how I’m eating….Your videos and daily emails are informative and thought provoking.  Thank you for sharing all the great recipes.  I’m looking forward to more great information.” Denise

Trina Krug

Hey, Trina Here!

I am queen of my house, mom, wife, hobby farmer, energy healer, health & wellness coach, and quantum science geek.

After 20 years in the software engineering field, I went back to graduate school and earned my Master’s Degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, specializing in holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy! I began my journey as a holistic nutritionist and health coach.

As a mom to a Type 1 Diabetic and a Type 1 Diabetic myself (adult onset), keto quickly became a life saver to me.  Little did I know at the time that it would be so much more than a means to control blood sugar.  But rather, it would be the path to my life of healing. 

Are you ready to live your dream life? Uniquely and your way?

Come check it out!

Cancel at any time.  What else needs to be said?!?!?


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