Let the cards speak

Divination is the gaining of insight and guidance (in this case) through the use of an Oracle deck.

I have many Oracle decks and I choose the right one for you!

You can focus on your past/present/future journey and path or you can focus on the NOW!  Up to you!

What Can I Expect?

In-Person - We will set the room with the therapeutic aroma of your choosing with over 30 essential oils to choose from.  You can relax on my healing table or sit with me at the table.  You get to choose.

After your Oracle deck is chosen (chances are I've already chosen it before you even show up) and your desire is discussed, we will get to work.

Spirit and your guides will assist in the choosing of cards to speak to your concerns and give insight where needed. The process is beautiful, exciting and very insightful.

Online - You get the same outcome but have the pleasure of being in the comfort of your own home.  If you have essential oils, you can use them during the session.  I can offer suggestions if you'd like.


You have an open mind

You are ready to receive guidance and insight

You believe there is more out there than just our physical body


You don't believe in Universal Energy

You aren't ready to give up tight control

You aren't ready to let go of that which doesn't serve you


I had the most amazing experience yesterday with Trina Krug! We had a beautiful Crystal Reiki session. It was absolutely amazing and I will be booking again. So I don't spoil the experience, I just want to say that I feel so aligned today. I have energy that is flowing through my body and all my Chakras feel so open today. The energy that I felt in various areas of my body during Reiki was mind blowing to me. Thank you Trina for your amazing gifts you shared with me.

My Crystal Reiki session with Trina was one of the most powerful energy healing experiences I’ve had. Ever since, I have felt very grounded and positive. She did a beautiful job of explaining her work at the end and even though the session was via distance, the work was palpable. Thank you Trina, for sharing your gifts!

After our session, my business made over $1K jump yesterday! Ahhhh I needed that realignment! Grateful for you!!!!


Stay in the comfort of your own home and receive all the guidance and healing that you would for an in-person visit.


Come to the wellness center and relax in my Reiki studio with soft music.

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