Why is Reiki Needed

Our bodies have a natural frequency that it prefers to resonate with.  Think of it as a symphony of frequencies that create a beautiful and unique YOU. When this symphony gets disrupted, our bodies store energy and things get bogged down in our energetic field. 

We will dive into this in later sections, but everything is energy and solid matter is a matter of opinion.  Well, not really, it just simply isn’t solid.

People spend so much time focusing on the “physical” body rather than the energetic body when energy is pretty much 99.99999% of what we are.  And if they do focus on the energetic body, it is often an after thought as if it is an “add on” to our physical bodies or just something extra.  Whereas I view our energetic body as our main body.

So, this stored energy that gets clogged up can be things like memories, emotions, and even things like belief systems.

Additionally, think of all the pollution and toxins (both physical and energetic) in the world that our bodies are bombarded with all day, every day. All night too – toxins in your detergent that you used on your sheets, sleeping with your phone to close to your body, etc…

Our bodies can only detox so much and things start to pile up.

Reiki allows this stored energy that doesn’t serve you anymore, to begin to be released and processed. It can facilitate shifts of energy of past events, past lives and ancestral belief systems as well.

All of this matters because this stored/blocked energy can eventually have a physical manifestation as an illness or disease.  Imagine something gets lodged in a plumbing line.  But water can still get through.  But over time, more and more get stuck at that spot until there is a complete blockage.  Imagine what will happen at that point.  Same with a clogged artery, right?   A clogged energetic system responds the same.