What are Reiki symbols

Reiki symbols are used to help focus and magnify the Reiki energy. The Reiki symbols really set Reiki apart from some other energy healing modalities. They are not necessary to use, but they really do amplify a traditional Reiki session.

Three symbols are taught in Reiki II and the final symbol is taught in Reiki Master training. Students will be attuned to these symbols and it will be life long. Once a student is attuned to the symbols, they can draw on the intention of the symbol and draw in Reiki energy at an amplified rate.

How to Use the Symbols

Imagine a white light shining down through your hands as you work with a client, animal or even yourself

Visualize white symbols on the palms of your hands

Draw the symbol in the air above or around the client, animal, object (or even before they get there)

That is it. Reiki energy takes care of the rest!