Sessions with others

Do Reiki on others as much as you can! Practice, practice practice. Why wouldn’t you want to facilitate healing in as many clients as you could?

Below you will find a chart of the traditional Reiki hand positions. These are not necessary and I do not use them all. In fact, I add many more that are more associated with Chakra work rather than traditional Reiki, but I feel intuitively led to do that. That is what my Reiki sessions are meant to look like. We will cover the Chakra piece in a later section.

From Essential Reiki – A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art (reprinted with permission)

Traditionally, it is taught to spend 3-5 minutes on each hand position. But, again, if you are led intuitively to stay there longer or move on sooner, follow your intuition. The more you practice, the more you will know exactly what to do. And remember, Reiki can do no harm and you cannot mess it up. Reiki energy will go where it needs to go, so hand positions are more of a focused guide than a requirement.

Use the hand positions or don’t. It is totally up to you.

As with a self session, it is best to start with centering and grounding (refer to the last lesson for ideas on that).

I also like to call in the guides of my client, always noting “for my highest good and the highest good of [client’s name]”. I also invite messages as well.

I use crystals and work a lot with Chakras. This is a bit outside the scope of this class, but if this interests you, reach out to me!

Diagnosing and/or Prescribing

As with other healing modalities, diagnosing and prescribing treatments are outside the scope of a Reiki practitioner. Never diagnose or prescribe.