Reiki Level II

Reiki level II adds the use of Reiki symbols to aid in more focused energy healing as well as the ability to perform Reiki on those who are not physically present (distance Reiki).

Three symbols are taught in Reiki level II and the students are attuned to the use of these sacred symbols. Using the symbols simply means visualizing them, drawing them, or putting an intention out regarding a specific symbol. We will discuss the symbols in detail a bit later in the course.

But let me also say that while symbols are used frequently in Reiki level II, they are still just symbols. A representation of energy and a symbol of focused energy. If you don’t want to use them – don’t. This may differ from what other teachers share, but in my experience, they are not required.

Symbols taught in Reiki level II are Cho Ku Rei (Power Symbol), Sei He Ki (Emotional Healing), and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Distance Healing).

One difference between Reiki I and Reiki II is that the students learn to draw the energy in more purposefully. In Reiki I, students use their hands. In Reiki II, students use their minds.