Reiki Level I

The focus for Reiki level 1 is on self first. The Reiki practitioner is learning Reiki and how to self heal. They can also begin to perform Reiki on others who are physically present. The Reiki practitioner receives level 1 attunements from their teacher and their body begins to adjust to the newly opened energy channels. This process can sometimes be uncomfortable, yet wonderful at the same time.

With Reiki I, the universal Reiki energy flows through the practitioner’s hands automatically.

It is important to practice Reiki on yourself as often as possible after attunements!

If you plan to practice Reiki on others, it is really important that your own energetic field is as clean and clear as possible. If you plan to practice Reiki only on yourself, this is the perfect opportunity to put yourself first!

We will talk about what sessions can look like for self and for others a bit later in the course.