Reiki Energy

The beginning of this course will dive right into all things Reiki and we will round it off at the end with a deep dive into energy, the Quantum field and that will fill in all the gaps! But first, I want to offer Reiki just as it was offered to me and then we’ll take that extra special deep dive. While you don’t need to understand energy, it is helpful in developing your energetic intuition. One can work with energy fields in addition to Reiki as they can go together beautifully.

Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing at the most basic level. The word Reiki is made up of the words “Rei” (meaning God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power ) and “Ki” (meaning life force energy). Together, it means “spiritually guided life force energy”.

Reiki is the transmitting of universal life energy, to decrease stress, relax and promote self-healing. And we say self-healing because it is not the practitioner that is doing the healing, it is actually the person receiving Reiki who is in charge of the healing that occurs.

Reiki can be performed in many ways. Many people enjoy performing hands-on Reiki, but physical touching is not necessary. Reiki can be performed with your hands hovering just above the client or even if your client is in a different location (known as distance Reiki).

Reiki energy is not reserved for Reiki practitioners. Everyone uses and has access to Reiki energy. Some don’t even know they are using it. What sets Reiki practitioners apart is the attunements that the practitioner receives. These attunements align the practitioners with Reiki energy in a much more focused way and allow the practitioner a more direct access path to the universal Reiki energy. The attunements open a direct channel to Reiki energy.

Think of when your stomach hurts or your head hurts. What do you instinctively do? You put your hands on your stomach or your hands on your forehead. You are holding the area that hurts and drawing in Reiki energy to those areas. What does a parent do when their child bumps their elbow? They kiss the elbow or put their hands on it. This is all Reiki healing energy.