Reiki and The Quantum Field

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Reiki, let’s dive into the science side and really unpack what this all means with respect to the Quantum Field and Quantum Science.

We’ve already primed the pump with our discussion of energy and the fact that 99.9999 (lots of 9s) of “solid” matter is actually “empty space”. And how that empty space is actually energy, and all that energy exists in a field known as the Quantum Field or the Zero Point Field.

Some believe this field is responsible for our mind’s highest functions, where memories are stored, the blueprint for all things and THIS is what must be tapped into for healing. This Zero Point field contains everything.  All that was, all that is, and all that will be.  

This Quantum Field is endless and is all things. This is the field that psychics are able to tap into, where intuition comes from and so much more.  If you’ve ever been perplexed by psychics and how they get their information, this is it. As we talked about, the Quantum Field contains everything including ALL our memories. I like to visualize this by thinking of a library. The Quantum Field is all the books. The brain is the old school card system when you look up a book in the card catalog, read where it is located in the library itself, and then go retrieve the book.

The Quantum Field holds all possible and probably future paths of everything and all things. Therefore, a psychic (whether they know it or not) is getting into a vibrational match with the Field as it pertains to their client and can read the energy and piece it back together, as our brains would do in the case of memory.

If this is difficult to understand, remember that energy cannot be destroyed. Consider those broadcasts that we send out into space. They are still out there, going and going and going. Forever. Every action, feeling, thought is simply a vibrational wave. That wave will always exist. And can always be retrieved. By you. By others. Cool and creepy at the same time?

Many people believe that everything comes from this field and returns to it.  The universal life energy of all things.

This is exactly what is tapped into intuitively with Reiki.  This field of unlimited energy and healing is where the energy is drawn in from. This space of absolute perfection, knowledge, healing, and light. Every blueprint for everything that exists in the field. Every blueprint for healing, every blueprint for your specific body. Take a moment and really lean into that because it’s a big thought.