How to use the reiki principles

The Reiki principles are a path to happiness and peace. It is one thing to know them but another thing to live them. Here are a few ways to really start living them.


Meditation means many things to many different people. And it can even mean many different things to the same person. For me, I like to meditate in three different ways. The first is simply being still and present in the void. The second is to meditate ON something. You can meditate on one or all of the principles to help them be at the forefront of your mind and to really allow yourself to become one with them. Lastly, the third is a guided meditation. These I do for a specific purpose.

Whatever your method, meditation with positive intent will go a long way!


Contemplation does not mean constant focus. I think it is important to reflect on our thoughts, behaviors, and interactions. That doesn’t mean obsessing. If we treated our spouse poorly, for example, we can acknowledge it, make it right if we can, and do better next time. We can even consider what might have been a better course of action. But we don’t need to beat ourselves up over it.


Lastly, give yourself grace. We falter, we fall, we stumble, and we let ego get in the way. We are beautiful human beings. If you fall, get back up and keep moving forward. Don’t stay on the ground. Don’t look back for extended periods of time. Simply stand, reflect, dust off and move forward.