How is Reiki Energy Used

Reiki energy goes where the bodymind of the client sends it. Think of Reiki energy as a bright spotlight. Shining light on the areas of darkness, dis-ease, blockages, and all the things. The bodymind then sees everything that doesn’t serve it and can then start addressing it.

It is the practitioner’s job to be a conduit of Reiki energy and to hold space for the bodymind of the client.

As we’ve talked about, the practitioner does not do the healing. The bodymind of the client directs the healing. The practitioner is the facilitator.

Our body can heal itself, but is often overloaded and cannot do the job that needs to be done. Reiki energy simply provides a light for the bodymind to see what needs to be done. The body is powerful and capable.

One major thing to keep in mind is that Reiki is of love and light only. Reiki cannot be “sent to do harm” or be used with ill-intent. Reiki energy is for love and healing only and can only be used as such.