There is a concept known as entrainment which is defined as a temporal locking process in which one system’s frequency entrains (or aligns with) the frequency of another system. This means that two systems align to the same frequency.

The tendency is for the lower vibrational frequency to align to the higher vibrational frequency if their base resonant frequency is similar.

Therefore, when a Reiki practitioner lays hands on or above a client as a conduit of Reiki energy, the client’s body will naturally align to the frequency of Reiki energy and draw the healing energy in.

What is also important to note here is that the client must be willing to receive and draw in the Reiki energy. Because remember, it is their body that directs Reiki energy where to go. While it is not imperative that the client be fully receptive, it is very helpful when they have an open mind and clear intention.

Entrainment (and intention) is the foundation for many things other than energy healing. Sound therapy and crystal use are two that I also love that are deeply connected with entrainment.