Energy Systems

As we discussed, everything is energy.  We have many energy systems in our body, but we will talk about the main 3 energy systems: the meridians, chakras and the auric field.

At a high level, the meridians are the energy pathways, the chakras are the energy centers, and the aura is the energy atmosphere. One thing to understand about the differences between meridian energy and chakra energy is that meridian energy fluctuates with what is going on in the moment whereas this is not the case as you go deeper into the chakras.


Meridians are pathways, energy pathways. Think of them like a highway that connects up many things along that highway. The energy flowing along and through the meridians change often. The meridians flow through every system and organ in our body. Think of it like our blood circulation system, but rather this is an energy circulation system. What would happen if there was a blockage in an artery? Bad things, right? The same is try for your energy highway.

When our energy super highways are backed up, blocked, disrupted, this is when illness and dis-ease occurs. We will not be getting into the “how-to” with respect to our energy systems, but there are many ways to balance and flush meridians (tracing, massage, etc..).


Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. The energy points in our body are chakras and we have 7 of them. Well, actually there are 7 main chakras and about 21 minor chakras. We are not going to go into minor chakras, though, and will focus on the 7 major chakras.

So, what is a chakra? In super simple terms, chakras are specific energy points in our body. Think of them each like a whirlpool or spinning disk. Something that is fluid and moves. These are not energies that one can see with the naked eye. But many of us really can “see” them, but we are using our intuition to do so. And if you are one that can see color or auras then you might “see” them this way too.

Each chakra contains nerves, organs, emotions, energy and more. They can be clear, they can be blocked or somewhere in between. When one says they need their chakras cleared, they are referring to clearing out the “junk” that might be blocking the energetic flow.

Chakras can get blocked as well. I often had a blocked throat chakra. I struggled with speaking my truth, feared being alone, and I have Hashimoto’s. Nobody has ever said that Hashi’s has anything to do with my throat chakra, but now that I know – it makes perfect sense to me.

The way I think about chakras and my body is this: just like we want blood to flow freely through our arteries and veins, we want energy to freely low through our chakras. If energy can not flow through and things get backed up, well, consider what would happen if your arteries got clogged…..

So let’s briefly go into the 7 chakras and some basic characteristics about each one. I have an abbreviated list of things like functions and imbalances. Each one has many more properties, but here are the main ones in each category.

Crown Chakra

Location: Very top of the head

Color: Red

Primary Function: Awareness, Intelligence, Enlightenment

Corresponding Body Part: Brain, Nervous System

Signs of block: Depression, Confusion, Loss of faith

Third Eye Chakra

Location: Between the eyes and up just a bit

Color: Indigo

Primary Function: Intuition, Imagination

Corresponding Body Part: Brain, Eyes, Ears, Nose

Signs of block: Headaches, Learning difficulties, Hallucinations, Nightmares

Throat Chakra

Location: Base of the throat

Color: Blue

Primary Function: Communication

Corresponding Body Part: Throat, Thyroid, Lungs, Mouth, Arms

Signs of block: Nervousness, Feeling alone, Fear

Heart Chakra

Location: Center of the chest

Color: Green

Primary Function: Love, Compassion

Corresponding Body Part: Heart, Circulatory System, Blood

Signs of block: Unforgiving, Hopelessness, Untrusting

Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Stomach

Color: Yellow

Primary Function: Self-Esteem, Confidence

Corresponding Body Part: Digestive Tract, Kidney, Stomach, Adrenals, Small Intestines

Signs of block: Inability to concentrate, Memory issues, Fear, Sugar addictions, Insomnia, Eating disorders

Sacral Chakra

Location: Below the belly button

Color: Orange

Primary Function: Sexuality, Pleasure, Creativity

Corresponding Body Part: Upper Intestines, Sex Organs, Skin, Stomach, Bladder

Signs of block: Self-esteem issues, Low libido, Unbalanced emotions

Root Chakra

Location: Base of the spine

Color: Red

Primary Function: Physical Identity, Stability, Grounding

Corresponding Body Part: Legs, Feet, Rectum, Immune System, Pancreas

Signs of block: Feelings of insecurity, Not feeling grounded, Anxiety, Addictions

Energy Exercise 3

You can do this exercise with yourself or someone else, ideally both!

Find a comfortable spot to lay down and relax. Using exercise 1 or 2 from the previous lesson, get the feeling of focused energy in your hands. Now, hold your hands above each chakra (about 4-6 inches) and sink into the feeling in your hands as well as in your body. Sometimes it is hard to feel both at the same time which is why it can be good to practice with a partner.

How does each chakra feel? Does the heat or tingling in your hands change? Is there a pulsating pattern? Cooler? Warmer?

How does your body feel when your hands are above each chakra?

Now move your hands further away and close again and see how the energy changes.

Spend 15-20 minutes playing with the energy and how it feels. In between the sensing of each Chakra, I like to shake off my hands to remove any excess energy that is left over.

Auric field

Below is the best description of the aura that I’ve ever found.

The aura is a multilayered sphere of energy that emanates from your body and interacts with the atmosphere of the Earth. It is itself a protective atmosphere that surrounds and embraces you, filtering out many of the energies you encounter and drawing in others that you need. It simultaneously serves as a filter and as an antenna. Whereas each chakra is an energy station that is attuned to larger energies in the universe, the aura serves as a two-way antenna that brings energy from the environment into your chakras and sends energy from your chakras outward. Some auras reach out and embrace you. Others keep you out like an electric fence.

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Your aura can be small or rather large, depending on the situation. The aura is known to scientists as the biofield. Some people can see auras. This might be in color and it might be via a feeling. I personally can sense the aura of people and sometimes they can be quite far away when this starts to occur.

Energy Exercise 4

Find a comfortable spot to sit down. I prefer laying down, but you’ll need to sit up partway through so some people prefer to start by sitting. Focus your attention on the palms of your hands. Once you feel you are focused, start to “scan” your body. With your hands anywhere from 4-12 inches above your body (your intuition will start to kick in with regard to where your hands should be), start at your head and end at your feet. Just run your hands above your body and sense your auric field. Play around with moving your hands closer and further from your body.

How does it change?

What does it feel like?