Animals, Houses, Crystals and more!


You can do Reiki on pets! Now, since pets cannot give their permission, you need to be mindful of their response and body language. If they get up and walk away or appear agitated, then stop. If they stay with you and are looking relaxed, then continue.

Pets are great recipients for healing Reiki energy.

House Clearing

Clearing or cleansing a house with Reiki is much like you might expect with smudging. Although with Reiki, it is sometimes beneficial to work with the inhabitants of the house as well.

When clearing or cleansing a house, first open windows and blinds. Then draw in Reiki energy and imagine it filling each room in the house. Walk through each room and use your intuition and senses to determine what might be needed.

Nothing is needed on your end other than facilitating the Reiki energy. But you can use Reiki symbols to enhance the clearing. Typically, Cho Ku Rei is used for releasing negative energy. I like to walk through each room, while drawing the symbol (symbolically) on the walls of each room. Once I feel Reiki energy is infused into the house, then the clearing is complete.



If you are into Crystals then I’m sure you have your own method of clearing crystals. But did you know you could cleanse them with Reiki energy? It is super easy – all you have to do is draw in Reiki energy until it fills you. Then simply hold your crystals and set the intention to release any energy that is not in resonance with the crystal and/or your intention.

I actually like to do a combination of Reiki energy with smudging. It works beautifully.

Reiki Sessions

I love to use crystals in my Reiki sessions. You can place them directly on yourself or your client. The chart below is a great cheat sheet for good crystals to use for specific chakras and energy centers.

Reiki and Crystals