Reiki & Ancestral Lines

Here is where Reiki gets really cool!

We have cellular memory that goes beyond just our own life.  The memories and belief systems of our ancestors get written into our DNA.  The inherent belief systems of our ancestors get imprinted on our genetic code.  I won’t go into this in detail, but if you want to talk specifics on this, let me know because it is fascinating and CAN be explained through science!

This means that while we might not be able to easily access an ancestral memory, we can carry the emotion and energy from it.  AND we may carry belief systems deep within us that aren’t even ours.

Reiki can help balance what is occurring at THIS point in time with the influences from the past that is affecting it. Examples of this could be inherited religious dogma that doesn’t suit your beliefs, trauma, hereditary illness, and behavior patterns.

And while the energetic pattern is being shifted in the “now”, there is no time. There is no past or future, everything is now. So what we heal for ourselves in the now, we are also healing in other times.