4 Distance Reiki Methods

There are many different ways to hold a distance Reiki session. The following are the four most common ways.

  1. The first method is to imagine holding your client in your hand. Imagine they are small enough to hold right in the palm of your hand. Set the intention to send Reiki energy, hold the person in your hands and then send Reiki energy through your hands.
  2. Method #2 is to imagine you are in the room with the client. Imagine them on your healing table and that you are present and doing a hands-on session. Many healers find this difficult because you have to hold visualizations and focus for much longer periods of time.
  3. Method #3 is to sit in a comfortable chair, then do the healing on your own leg/thigh. Imagine your knee is the client’s head and your thigh is their body. Your focus needs to be strongly set on the client in order for Reiki energy to go to them.
  4. Method #4 is the most popular method. This method is called the Surrogate method. Simply hold a teddy bear (or any stuffed animal) and “heal the bear” while imagining the client is watching you. Once the healing is complete, in your mind’s eye, offer the bear to the client. The client will then take the healing that is needed. A slight (popular) variation to this method is to pretend your client is the bear. This is similar to method #3 but you are using a “surrogate”.

The Method I Use

I have a chakra blanket that I lay on my healing table. I use this as a representation of my client and their energy centers. I use crystals, tuning forks and my hands above the chakra centers and around the entire blanket. I have my client on zoom laying in the comfort of their home. This has worked amazingly well for me.