Week 1 - Goal Setting
Week 2 - Creating Habits
Week 3 - Growth Mindset
Week 4 - Controlling Your Environment
Week 5 - Nutrition Fundamentals
Week 6 - The Healthy Diet
Week 7 - Managing Your Hunger
Week 8 - Exercise
Week 9 - Managing Stress
Week 10 - Maintaining Motivation
Week 11 - Ensuring Success
Week 12 - Putting It All Together

Lesson – Goal Setting

Welcome to lesson 1! Each module will have the same format! There will be a brief introduction, followed by a download link for the module, and finally, the module will be directly embedded into the page. If you prefer to read it outside your browser, then feel free to download it. Otherwise, just scroll through it directly.

One last note – I chose NOT to force you to wait for a new module each week, so you will have access to all modules all at once. You can go through 1 module each week or binge them. It is up to you. I would suggest that you give yourself enough time between each module to really integrate the information, though.

Let’s go!

Week 1 – Effective goal setting will allow you to visualize your goal in your mind and identify the steps to making it happen.

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