Paving The Path to Health

Welcome to Paving the Path to Health! This is a 12-week, self-led study program for someone who is brand new to the journey of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle!

We leave no stone uncovered when diving into goals, mindset, nutrition, exercise, motivation and so much more! So if you are ready to dive in and start paving your path – let’s get going!

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson Lesson - Goal Setting
Week 1 - Goal Setting
Week 2 - Creating Habits
Week 3 - Growth Mindset
Week 4 - Controlling Your Environment
Week 5 - Nutrition Fundamentals
Week 6 - The Healthy Diet
Week 7 - Managing Your Hunger
Week 8 - Exercise
Week 9 - Managing Stress
Week 10 - Maintaining Motivation
Week 11 - Ensuring Success
Week 12 - Putting It All Together