Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Despite the sacrifice of favorite foods, every year, more and more people are opting in for living a vegan lifestyle. Why is that? For starters, one of the benefits of a vegan diet is a noticeable difference in a person’s overall health.

When this diet is properly followed, it comes with a range of benefits from the reduction of chronic illnesses to weight loss. If you’ve been on the fence about giving this lifestyle a try, here are some benefits to consider.

What is a vegan diet?

Simply put, veganism is a plant-based diet that excludes animal and animal-derived foods such as dairy and eggs. Some people also choose to refrain from eating honey.

When it comes down to choosing this route as a lifestyle or dietary choice, the primary differences are not eating meat or staying clear of using (or wearing) anything created from animals.

Although some people think a vegan diet lacks major nutrition, the opposite couldn’t be more true. By eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and beans – the vegan diet actually provides the body with a substantial dose of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Benefits of a Vegan Diet

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Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Before jumping into the benefits of a vegan diet, always remember that with any lifestyle change, take your present health condition into consideration. Consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your eating habits. Once in the clear, make slow and drastic changes until you reach your desired dietary level. Now let’s talk about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

A vegan lifestyle can aid in weight loss.

At the top of the benefit list is one’s ability to drop the pounds. A 2015 study showed that a vegan diet proved better for weight loss than most other diets and was better for providing macronutrients.

The biggest factor is the replacement of animal foods (which can be high in fat and calories) for plant-based foods that lower in calories. 

A vegan lifestyle may reduce your chances of chronic illnesses.

With today’s stocked shelves of overly processed foods and the influx of fast food restaurants, it’s no wonder that chronic illnesses such as heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes are running rampant. The vegan lifestyle provides a fiber-rich, protein-packed diet that paves the way for body systems to function properly and stress free.

A vegan lifestyle can provide valuable nutrients.

Going back to the notion that the vegan lifestyle lacks many of the important nutrients, there are chances of nutrient deficiency if the diet is not carefully planned to include them. Below is a quicklist of foods that offer just as much (if not more) nutrients that can be found in meat-based foods:

  • B12: plant milks, fortified cereals, yeast spreads.
  • Iron: dark leafy greens, beans, tofu.
  • Calcium: chia seeds, almonds, soy milk.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: walnuts, flax seeds, seaweed, algae.
  • Zinc: beans, nuts, nutritional yeast, oats.

There are a lot of recipes that can be both nutritional and filling for those following a vegan diet. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls

Vegan mac’n’cheese

Coconut cauliflower curry

Vegan No Bake Mini Cheesecakes

Vegan Sugar Free Fudge

You may be surprised by how yummy your meal times can be!


Switching to a vegan lifestyle could be challenging at first, but with proper planning and a good set of goals, you’ll find this change to be super beneficial to your health. Not to mention, living a vegan lifestyle can also be beneficial to the environment.

In the end, aim to plan your meals carefully to keep a whole and well-rounded eating habit.

I’d love to hear from you. Are you vegan? Share some of your favorite recipe idea below!


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