Acceleration of Ascension to 5D

Acceleration of Ascension to 5D

Are you ready to dive into ascension, awakening, acceleration and all that jazz?  Don’t worry, I’m not going to be talking about the disintegration of Earth as we know it or anything like that.

Acceleration of Ascension to 5D

Rather, I want to discuss how things are speeding up.  I’m sure if you listen to my podcast or read my articles, you probably aren’t new to this idea from others as well.  This whole ascension and awakening thing is speeding up.  I’m 47 and it has been a slow process for me over the last 20 years or so.  And the same is true for many people my age. 

Now, there are certainly those that were born with an ability to exist in the higher vibrational field or where it was a quick thing, but it seems for many of us, it was slow and steady.  And then there are those that, recently, seem to go about that whole process very quickly.  Young and old. 

The theory is that everything is speeding up.  Ascension is accelerating.  But what does that mean exactly and how do we know?

5D frequency

Let’s back up a bit and talk about the 5D frequency and what it means.  There is this misconception that one day all these people will ascend to the 5D and then POOF half the people on Earth will disappear.  This is not what it means at all.

Ascending to and living in the 5D means something much more subtle but incredibly profound.


Living in Love

Love.  Just like the song says, “Love is all there is”.  When you raise your vibration to the 5D, you live in love, with love, of love and for love.

I’m not talking about the superficial kind of love or the conditional love or the love that fades with judgment.  I am talking about the real, unconditional love. 

So many people balk when I say “real, unconditional love”.  Their reasoning is that, to them, it means people can treat them badly because they have unconditional love.  Let me just set the record straight.  Unconditional love does not mean a lack of boundaries.  You can still have boundaries and deem behavior unacceptable. 

Unconditional love is just that.  Love.  Complete and full love.  You can still love those that hurt you but choose to not have them in your life.  It is a free love.  One that does not involve anything in return.  No string.  

I’m going to take this a step further and suggest that the first step of unconditional love is loving yourself unconditionally.  Loving and accepting yourself.  Your body.  Your shadow. Your successes. Your personality.  Your choices.  Your decisions.  Your failures.  All of it. 

Unconditional love starts with you and yourself first.  You cannot live in an unconditional state of love when you don’t love yourself unconditionally.  You can’t love others unconditionally if you don’t love yourself unconditionally.  I know, I know.  Details, details.  Sometimes those details sting, but they are there for good reason.

Releasing connection to the density

Living in the 3D is said to be related to the density.  Our physical density.  Our relationships are based around the physical.  What we can see or touch.  How we react.  Our decisions.  All of it has a density to it.

If we step back, or above I should say, we start to release that density and free ourselves from the heaviness of it. 

What does mean?  It means:

  • Not being attached to the outcomes
  • Not participating in the polarities (we’ll talk about this in more detail in a moment)
  • Understanding that we will be ok, no matter what
  • Understanding that the universe loves us unconditionally and supports us in all we do
  • Realizing that we are creators and manifesters
  • Leading with love
  • Understanding that we are more than our bodies
  • Understanding that our physical bodies are such a small portion of who we are
  • Connecting with our higher self
  • Grasping the multi-dimensionality of our soul

When I think of releasing the density, I imagine myself astral projecting almost.  It is an existence without the weight.  The physical weight.  The emotional weight.  The energetic weight. 

That doesn’t mean we are outside of our physical bodies.  We are not.  But it means we took off the 50 pound weight vest and understand our true selves.

Energy and Vibration

As we’ve talked about many times, we are all energy.  Everything is energy.  Everything is frequency.  We are all vibrating.  We generally can’t see or feel it, but we literally just vibrations flowing through the Universe.  Kind of cool to think about really.

Our energy body is so important to our existence and our flow.  But most people aren’t aware of their energy body.  Given that we are 99.9999% empty space (i.e. energy) that is basically ALL of who we are.  We are not this thing that appears to be solid.  We are anything BUT solid.  We are energy.  We are flow. 

When we start ascending to the 5D, we become more aware of our energy body.  We begin to nurture it, protect it, expand it, and grow it.  We are more careful of who we let into our energy field.  We are more careful about how to expend our energy.  And we are definitely more careful about what (and whose) energy we carry.

We understand that like attracts like.  The vibration we attract is a match to the vibration that we sent out.  Therefore, we don’t engage in low vibrational activities.  We aren’t filling our bodies with toxins like alcohol and food-like products. 

Now, let me back up and say, 5D living is not perfection.  We still have a physical body in the 3D and we are still human.  So perfection just is not something that is required.  One fully living in the 5D, however, will not be drowning their body in alcohol. 

Some people flow in and out of the 5D and 3D.  And that is their rhythm.   

Polarity and Judgment

Let’s talk about judgment and polarity.  Some people are not going to like this part, and that is ok.   As we ascend to the 5D, we realize that we are all one.  We are all a part of God, of the universal consciousness, of the divine oneness.

Therefore, when we stand in judgment or hatred of another person or group of people, we are standing in judgment and hatred of ourselves. 

I feel like I should run and hide when I say things like that because I know all the objections.  Trust me, I get it.  It is not easy and I fail at it daily.  Not that I judge or hate people, but that it is hard for me to look at every person in this world as an extension of myself. 

Remember… we can have unconditional love while having boundaries, not accepting behavior and not allowing people in our lives.  Doesn’t mean we have to judge or hate.  This is a hard one.  Trust me, I know.

Now, this leads us into the conversation of polarity.  If I look back on my 47 years, the amount of public polar topics has exponentially sped up.  We literally don’t have a break.  The elections, Covid, the war, abortion, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard… You get the idea.  It is one after the other.

Perhaps it is more that the media is more involved (by design in my opinion) and making sure we stay in a state of polarity and judgment.  It keeps us asleep, at odds with one another, and in a state of constant stress.  All that keeps us from becoming one, uniting and truly living in love.  Guess what would happen if we did that?  We would stop being little soldier puppets and we’d stop complying with all the things that inherently keep us separate.

Now I will liken some of this to the making of psychedelics illegal in the 1960s or whenever it officially was.  Here was a substance that was expanding our consciousness and propelling ascension.  And what happened?  They were made illegal while alcohol which is a toxin and lowers our vibration is perfectly acceptable.   Think about that one for a moment.

With polarity, comes division.  The way I look at ascension to the 5D is that the polarity is coming stronger and faster.  But the polarity is not between the “ascended” and the not ascended.  But rather from the folks not vibrationally living in the 5D. 

Remember, with 5D and 3D living there is no judgment.  One is not better than others.  We all have different contracts that we agreed to fulfill before we came to Earth.  Some people wanted to stay and fully experience the 3D.  Others wanted to experience both.  And still others wanted to shoot for fully living in the 5D.


Multidimensional Being

When it comes to living fully in our multidimensional being, this simply means living in our true selves.  Because we are ALL multidimensional beings.  We can all exist in multiple dimensions if we want to.  We can all instantly manifest if we believe we can.  How about bending the spook?  Yep, we can all do that too.

Ascending to the 5D is an acknowledgment of our multidimensional self.  And living in it.

Accelerated Ascension to the 5D

So now that we’ve talked about the 5D frequency, let’s talk about the acceleration factor.  As I said earlier, things are speeding up.  Everything is speeding up.  The ascension and the polarity. 

If you goal is ascension (because, again, not everyone’s is) then where you want to find yourself is outside the narrative.  Being able to recognize the narrative.  You might not know why, but you can at least recognize it. 

Whatever you believe will be true in your reality.  You will inherently surround yourself with ideas, media and situations that support that.  You won’t know it is happening, but it will be your truth because that is what you believe.

One reason I think it is speeding up is that all those folks who have been ascending slowly have finally passed that threshold and finally there is a whole bunch of people screaming from the rooftops whereas there used to not be many.  And if there were any, they were labeled as freaks.

But now, you can find a spiritual person who has lifted the veil on every corner.  The information is more readily available.  Some people are more curious and a bit more open minded to possibilities. 


Soul and Gaia Evolution

Gaia, Mother Earth, is changing with us.  She is part of the ascension.  For this must happen before we destroy our living Mother Earth.  She is not just a rock with life.  She is a living being. 

We must evolve.  Either we evolve or we die.  Look at what we do to the Earth.  The land.  The minerals.  The atmosphere.  How much more can it take?  How much more selfishness can it withstand? 

What will we do if we kill the Earth?  There will be no more us.  This ascension and evolution of soul must take place.  It is more imperative now than it ever was.

The energy of Gaia along with the energies of the universe are at play with the acceleration of ascension of humans.


There are many things that can be done to aid in the ascension process if you feel you want to join in or accelerate your own process.   And if not – that’s cool too!  We are all on our own journey.

Daily Decisions

While it might seem silly to think that the most mundane of tasks could have an impact on your rate of ascension, it is true.  Did you lead with love?  Did you skip the judgment?  Did you assume the best or the worst?  Did you left the person trying to merge in ahead of you?  Did you smile at the person with an angry face that passed you on the street?

How we interact with the world and people has a direct impact on our reality and the creation of our reality.  Every new second is a new opportunity for a new reality, a new feeling, a greater connection to the collective consciousness.

Imagine your higher self is the filter before you say anything for an entire day and see how you feel at the end.  Exhausted perhaps.  But probably feeling lighter at a higher frequency than you started the day.


Ah… Meditation.  For some, it is a dirty word.  For others, it is their sanctuary.  I am probably in the middle of those.  I love meditation but dread it occasionally too.

Meditation doesn’t have to be this thing where you sit in a still position for 30 minutes with your eyes closed.  I mean, it can, but it doesn’t have to be. 

You can do a guided meditation as you fall asleep, or a walking meditation as you are out wandering in nature, or even as you cook the family dinner while staring at the pot of water boiling. 

Just take some time to quiet the mind and connect in, up and down.  Listen, reflect, and just be still in thought.

Higher Self

Our higher self is pretty amazing. It has the bird’s eye view to all things. And yet we insist that our view down on Earth knows best.   Our  highest self is a part of us.  It IS us.  Just like we ARE the universe and we ARE universal consciousness. 

Take the time to connect with your higher self.  And then just listen.


Grounding Up and Grounding Down

Get grounded. Now when most people think of grounding, they think of the Earth.  That is what I call grounding down.  What I consider grounding up is the same thing but grounding up into our higher selves and the collective consciousness.  What I’ve found is that most people are one or the other.  They ground up or down, but not both. 

I’ve been trying to do both but I realized how I was failing.  I have this analogy on my other podcast, so if you listen to that one too this may sound familiar. 

What I liken it to is an hourglass.  Imagine I have this imaginary hourglass surrounding my body where my heart is at the thinnest middle part of the hourglass.  The bottom is filled with sand.  Filled full from being fully grounded down.  Once I realized that I needed to ground up, I thought “oh, ok, let’s just flip this hourglass and get some sand in the top.  But what happens when you flip an hourglass?  All the sand goes back to the bottom.

Grounding down doesn’t work for grounding up.  So what I had to do was to approach it differently.  Keeping with the hourglass analogy, I had to negotiate with gravity, change the medium, raise the sand up.  So that there was sand in both parts. 


Question all things.  Question everything I say.  Question what you hear in the media.  Really take the time to think about what resonates with you and what is true for you.  There is a lot of information out there from what some consider a trustworthy source that is anything BUT trustworthy. 

As my mentor says, run it through your own “truth-o-meter” and see what lands.  You don’t have to accept or agree with everything I say.  Or anyone else for that matter.  Take what works for you and leave the rest.  But certainly don’t take everything from everyone.


Lastly, trust in yourself.  Trust in your divine timing.  Trust in the information you are given from your higher self, but also trust in your own discernment. 

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